The Retirement Institute

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Purposeful Retirement Planning

Thinking about retirement from ministry but not sure How you would Spend your time?

The retirement years are the most spiritually fertile years of our lives, and the transition into retirement is as much, or more, about an emotional and spiritual journey than anything else. Retirement ads focus almost exclusively on the financial aspects of retirement. While important, for Christians that singular focus misses the value of our retirement years: it is during the second-half-of-life that we are called to grow spiritually in new and wonderful ways.

Contemplating retirement but feel like you have more to give?

Programming is based on 30+ years of retirement research by Richard Johnson PhD, one of North America’s pioneers in senior adult faith formation.

We offer a variety of services for individuals and groups who want to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the transition into the retirement years as a faith formation opportunity. To learn how these second-half-of-life faith formation services can be brought to your area, contact us!

One-on-One Private Spiritual Retirement Coaching

Are you ready to explore your options with retirement but don’t know where to even start?

Forbes Well-Being Advisors offer personal and private spiritual retirement coaching sessions to help you navigate your options for a fulfilling and satisfactory retirement.

Your second-half-of-life can be full and rich. While none of us can see into the future, having an experienced Spiritual Retirement Coach, one who has successfully transitioned into retirement, can be beneficial. All transitions, regardless of preparation, bring feelings of loss. Often the individuals who think they are the most prepared for the transition into retirement are stunned by the many small losses and all that they did not anticipate. Successful retirement transitioning requires a wide-eyed, curiosity about your past, and your hoped-for future. A Spiritual Retirement Coach can help you celebrate your past, and also methodically help you move towards an emerging “new normal;” a retirement that is life-enhancing, with many opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth.

If you are interested in a free, confidential consultation call, email Rachel at or text/call (812) 459-1058.


How We Work

Forbes Well-Being Advisors’ delivery of retirement programming is designed to be effective and flexible. We utilize a combination of teaching methods to enhance learning and integration.

  1. Lecture

  2. Individual Exercises

  3. Small and Large Group Discussion

  4. Spiritual Retirement Coaching

  5. Retirement Action Plans