One-on-One Coaching

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Sometimes you just need to talk…

Forbes Well-Being Advisors offer personal and private coaching sessions to help you:

  • Connect/re-connect with the reason you entered medicine

  • Navigate the hard days in medicine: making sense of difficult situations

  • Reflect on your work through the lens of your faith tradition

  • Assess your overall wellbeing

  • Gather and utilize resources to enhance clinician well-being and work-life balance

  • Assess your medical staff wellbeing and leadership wellness

  • Develop and advocate for a holistic Life Centered Mentoring (LCM) program for your medical staff, one that focuses on all dimensions of wellness

  • Become a LCM Certified Reflective Practice Clinician Mentor

  • Navigate your options for a fulfilling and satisfactory retirement

If you are interested in a free, confidential consultation call, email Rachel at or text/call (812) 459-1058.