Redefining Retirement from Nursing as a Spiritual Journey:
Finding New Purpose, New Meaning and New Directions

Presented by Forbes Well-Being Advisors and the Medical Professionals Retirement Institutes™

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Dec 1-2, 2018


The retirement years are the most spiritually fertile years of our lives, and the retirement transition is as much, or more, about an emotional and spiritual journey than anything else. This upcoming retirement retreat has been designed specifically for the Christian/Catholic nurse, to help you find new purpose, new meaning and new directions, in whatever retirement may bring.

As experienced health care professionals, you know that good data helps to drive best practices and deliver the best outcomes. The programming offered in the Medical Professionals Retirement Institutes TM is solidly based on more than 35 years of retirement research by one of the pioneers in gerontological counseling and retirement research, Richard Johnson, Ph.D.      Dr. Johnson is a psychologist in the St. Louis area, the developer of the Christian Retirement Challenge Profile and the author of the text we will be using for the retreat, entitled “Creating a Successful Retirement”.

Forbes Well-Being Advisors is the first group to apply Dr. Johnson’s pioneering work to the soon-to-retire health care community. While most retirement resources focus exclusively on the financial aspects of retirement, the Medical Professionals Retirement Institutes TM offer clinicians a unique opportunity to transition into retirement as never before, looking at all the known factors which impact a purposeful and satisfying retirement. If you choose to participate in this retirement retreat, you will be helping Forbes Well-Being Advisors gather normative data for Christian/Catholic nurses, which will lead to refinements in the science of Christian clinician retirement, and our resulting programming. If retirement is in your future, we invite you to come and be part of this ground-breaking endeavor.

Your faculty will consist of Rachel Forbes Kaufman, the president of Forbes Well-Being Advisors and the executive director of the Medical Professionals Retirement Institutes TM , Dr. Richard Johnson, and two certified financial planners from WestPoint Financial Group in Carmel, Indiana, Mr. James, Brocke, CFP and Mr. Michael Cahill, CFP, JD.

The Retreat House

The retreat is being held at the Our Lady of Fatima Retreat house in Indianapolis, IN. Below are some images of the retreat grounds.

Example of the accommodations at the Fatima House

Example of the accommodations at the Fatima House


Accommodations are also available at the Our Lady of Fatima Retreat House for an additional cost. If you would like to take advantage of the rooms on site, please select the yes option for the overnight stay. On site accommodations are limited.

Who Should Attend?

·       Professional nurses who are 55+ years old and thinking about retiring in the next 2-3 years.

·       Nurses who have already retired and desire to participate

·       Spouses of nurses are welcome to attend and special pricing is available for couples