Ministering to Ministers

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Reflective Practice

Wondering how to safely share the burdens associated with Your ministry?

Very often, ministers are reluctant to speak about anything of a personal nature, or to self-disclose challenges associated within their professional ministry. Sometimes ministers don’t know where to go to find a trained, experienced, confidential listener; especially one who will honor your faith tradition and ensure the necessary safe-space and sensitivity.

All humans have challenges, and this includes the women and men who minister to others. Ministry brings special opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth, but researchers who follow professional ministers estimate that only about half of professional ministers are involved in any type of ongoing reflective practice, and this includes ordained, professional clergy and lay ministers. Not only do individuals in the healing ministries need a safe space to reflect upon and grow through our ministerial experiences, if left unexamined, the challenges of ministry can transform a minister into something that is neither healthy or holy. A well-trained, certified reflective practice provider offers professional ministers a safe-space to reflect upon the rich, but challenging experiences associated with a life in ministry.

At Forbes Wellbing Advisors, we are passionate about helping those called to the healing ministries to live healthy, wholesome lives.

After working for several years to develop faith formation programming and a support network for the women and men who practice medicine, Forbes Well-Being Advisors responded to requests to also offer similar programming and support for the healing professionals involved in ministerial work. The requests fell on fertile ground.

Rachel Forbes Kaufman grew up in a minster’s family and understands the special circumstances faced by ministers and their families. When one is called to any kind of a healing ministry, that vocation can—and often does—overwhelm other areas of the minister’s life and work. Serving others as a professional minister is a tremendous discipleship opportunity, but the service of being a professional “healer” can leave the minister, and even his or her family members, feeling overwhelmed, exhausted and spiritually depleted.

If you feel exhausted in your ministry. If you feel encumbered or stuck in your ministry and find yourself questioning your vocation. If you feel as if you do not have the time, energy or space to unload and reflect on your ministry experiences. If you are beginning to think about retiring from professional ministry but wonder what your second-half-of-life might look like from a spiritual or vocational standpoint, you are not abnormal. These are normal experiences for the professional involved in a healing ministry. These questions simply point us to the realization that professional healers are human beings, with special challenges. Engaging these questions with a seminary-trained, Certified Reflective Practice Minister, or Spiritual Life Coach, can help you contemplate your life experiences through the lens of your faith tradition. A Certified Reflective Practice Minister can journey with you and help you realize God wants you to experience abundant, healthy New Life, throughout all phases of your life and ministry. Your healing ministry, and your relationships with God and others can all benefit from reflecting upon your experiences and yearnings with a Certified Reflective Practice Minister or Spiritual Life Coach.

You know those thought-provoking billboards we sometimes see on our roadways; especially the one that reads, “Are you looking for a sign from God?” Well, consider this: if you are wondering if God might be sending you a “sign” to help you experience New Life within your ministry, the fact that you have found us and are reading these words just might be pointing you towards your answer. We are committed to serving the men and women who have been called to the healing ministries. We provide both face-to-face and telephonic/online support. To help you take the all-important first step, we want to offer you a free, confidential 1-hour first session, to help you discern if this service is right for you. To schedule your free discovery session, contact Rachel at or text/call (812) 459-1058.

Transition into a second half of life with purpose.png

Purposeful Retirement Planning

Thinking about retirement from ministry but not sure How you would Spend your time?

The retirement years are the most spiritually fertile years of our lives, and the transition into retirement is as much, or more, about an emotional and spiritual journey than anything else. Retirement ads focus almost exclusively on the financial aspects of retirement. While important, for Christians that singular focus misses the value of our retirement years: it is during the second-half-of-life that we are called to grow spiritually in new and wonderful ways.

Contemplating retirement but feel like you have more to give?

Programming is based on 30+ years of retirement research by Richard Johnson PhD, one of North America’s pioneers in senior adult faith formation.

We offer a variety of services for individuals and groups who want to thoughtfully and prayerfully consider the transition into the retirement years as a faith formation opportunity. To learn how these second-half-of-life faith formation services can be brought to your area, contact us!

One-on-One Private Spiritual Retirement Coaching

Are you ready to explore your options with retirement but don’t know where to even start?

Forbes Well-Being Advisors offer personal and private spiritual retirement coaching sessions to help you navigate your options for a fulfilling and satisfactory retirement.

Your second-half-of-life can be full and rich. While none of us can see into the future, having an experienced Spiritual Retirement Coach, one who has successfully transitioned into retirement, can be beneficial. All transitions, regardless of preparation, bring feelings of loss. Often the individuals who think they are the most prepared for the transition into retirement are stunned by the many small losses and all that they did not anticipate. Successful retirement transitioning requires a wide-eyed, curiosity about your past, and your hoped-for future. A Spiritual Retirement Coach can help you celebrate your past, and also methodically help you move towards an emerging “new normal;” a retirement that is life-enhancing, with many opportunities for spiritual and emotional growth.

If you are interested in a free, confidential consultation call, email Rachel at or text/call (812) 459-1058.